Anna Hazare--The Indian Dilemma of The Century!

Millions of Indians supporting Anna Hazare are basically moved by the cause--ending corruption that has affected almost everybody in some way or the other. Most of them, though, do not care a dime about the methods adopted to achieve that goal. It is quite possible that the government is finally blackmailed into accepting Anna's bill. But what after? Anna could hardly afford to resort to the same tactics when it comes to implementing the Jan Lokpal Bill, meaning he just cannot say, 'Hey corrupt ones! Admit  your guilt in public and give back all your ill earned money to the affected. Or I will start fast unto death!' The millions supporting cannot ignore the methods if  they are also interested in good implementation. Then, the middle classes--coming out predominantly in the streets. We very well know about their normal mentality--closing their flat entrance to the world hardly caring what problems are there in the immediate neighbor's house, lacking a civic sense walking biking driving parking at will considering only self benefits, ignoring parents and elders and so on. So, the middle classes must introspect what are their basic reasons for supporting Anna ? Showcasing so-called honesty, political links and career and personal benefits could be the hidden reasons.

Naturally, there is an intelligent opposition to Anna growing all the time. Of course, they support the cause overwhelmingly, but are skeptical of the methods adopted. They must find out too how they could positively influence the public opinion.

Anna Hazare, the devoted crusader against corruption, is an extremely lovable person. The nation loved how he ran yesterday to escape the rains leaving behind the cops guarding him! But while you love him to extremity you must acknowledge the fact that problems like corruption cannot be solved overnight, particularly in a vast and varied country like India. The huge numbers and the usual Anna talk are just not enough. Besides, you must also be on your guard as to how his civil society members are going to behave in future.

Meantime, Anna Hazare magic continues. Next 2-3 days are going to be crucial. Jai Hind!


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