Cricket: Comment and Get Paid!

It’s hardly surprising that eminent ex-cricketer commentators, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri, are in the payroll of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). There has been a nagging doubt in my mind about the integrity of the cricket commentators in what they say and utter. Hardly anyone you could find among them who speaks or spoke about the policy and wrongdoing of the BCCI. They all sang all the time in praise of the Indian Premier League (IPL), main money spinning spearhead of BCCI, and never even mentioned about it when discussing the phenomenon of ‘too much cricket-no rest’ for Team India. Why only two of them? Most of them are fed and enriched by the richest cricket board of the world. If our beloved legendary cricketer Gavaskar says IPL is healthy wealthy and wise, what can we lesser mortals do but to flock on to the three-hour shows! That’s the crux of business, you see!

BCCI’s money-centric policy is further exposed with the selection of Rahul Dravid. In the overseas fast pitches you need technically sound proficient players who have to be test players only. Dravid was made an icon for the IPL tournament which was done clearly for money. And, he was dropped from limited overs national team, that was too done for money only. In the Indian flat fours-sixes pitches the unorthodox and technically less proficient or even faulty cricketers can deliver more eye-thundering shots. Poor Dravid has no option but to retire from limited overs matches after the England tour, because he knows that he will be dropped again in the near future.

Call it BCCI or IPL or call it Indian cricket, it’s all for money and business. Authentic people are needed to carry it forward. And, who will object to earning hundreds of thousands of bucks by doing a job? While fight against corruption rages on in India, these people are just doing what they would like to call legally and essentially righteous jobs! Who are we to differ?