India is celebrating the 65th Independence Day today, the 15th of August, 2011. This is the Day to wish you all the very best. This is the Day to take new noble pledges or start on new socially relevant commitments. This is the Day to inspire others by examples. And, this is of course the Day to celebrate your great country's birthday.

This Independence Day is significant on two counts--raging inflation and the fight against corruption. The Government of India is moving forward with commitment on both of these issues--with the Lokpal Bill (Ombudsmen Bill) against corruption already presented in Parliament. But on the other side, Anna Hazare and his civil society members are fighting the govt tooth and nail for not including crucial points in the govt version of the Bill. Anna is set to start his indefinite fast from tomorrow with conditions set by the govt. While we all want corruption to be demolished, we do not want rivalries and politicking on this issue.

Nobody can be hundred percent correct and binding. The government of India has its restrictions on law making and the point is the Bill is yet to be debated upon in Parliament. Anna Hazare civil society group is veering towards opposition politics and obstinate demands. Its first mistake was that of supporting a fraud spiritualist called Ramdev Baba. I hailed Annaji as the Gandhi of India's second movement for independence (from corruption), but now I am not sure if all the supporters rallying behind him are genuine or hired.

Today we must focus on the issue and not on rivalries and politics surrounding it. It's very easy to get corrupt, but very difficult to be honest and stay so. We all must set ourselves on a united pathway to end the evil. TODAY!


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