Tomorrow's Breakfast With Anna Hazare!

Saturday, August 27, 2011. History made at Ramlila Ground and in the Indian Parliament. A Bill that was pending since 1966 was finally realized after a day long debate in both the houses. All members of the Parliament, irrespective of their political or ideological differences, thumped approval of the Jan Lokpal Bill Draft resolution which will now go to the Standing Committee for making it into a law. Let's pass over now whatever happened in the past 12 days and only celebrate for Anna Hazare, the Indian democracy and the Indian people.

The final moments of victory! Anna Hazare addressed the sea of humanity at Ramlila ground--his posture strong and positive, his voice strong and resonant--not at all indicating that this 74 year old crusader against corruption had been living only on plain water for the past twelve days. 'This victory belongs to all of you-supporting me day and night all over the country for the past days. And this only half the battle won. We have to carry on our movement for the most important other half.' The second Gandhi invited all of India to join him for breakfast at Ramlila ground tomorrow morning, the 28th of August, at 10am. And of course, the most loved and respected man in India at the moment appealed to all to maintain peace in all forms of celebrations.

A historic day with all the drama, all the classical twists and turns till the last moment of the final triumph. Citizens, activists, spiritualists, journalists, experts--all were glued to the intense activities throughout the day and even the victory at the last moment seemed to have eluded them all. The voice vote which was expected to be taken up in both houses of Parliament did not take place. Everybody including media presenters were puzzled smelling another conspiracy. But the Parliament upheld the great Indian democratic tradition with all its members thumping the resolution to victory. Like a true suspense story it kept everyone guessing and finally gasping at the ultimate triumph.

Celebrations are on from Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra to Ramlila ground at the national capital and across all villages, towns, cities and metros of India. Rightly so. Finally corruption has a deadly enemy to deal with--the Indian people! Jai Hind!