Business and Politics of Not Eating!

Thanks to the crusader against corruption Anna Hazare, fasting or basically not eating has become a hot selling property. Almost everybody ranging from politicians to spiritualists are vying to have a tryst with this phenomenon. The craze is simply explained by the media attention amounting to hype the act of fasting generates. Add on benefits are also apparent where politics take over.The fasting personalities catapult themselves in the national or even international platform for future aspirations.

The state of Gujarat in north western India is presently witnessing fast and counter fast. The Chief Minister of the state, Narendra Modi,  has launched his three day fast at an air conditioned auditorium on a goodwill mission for communal harmony. Justifiably so, since the Chief Minister belonging to the main opposition party at the national level has been ravaged by communal controversies since last nearly ten years with several court cases running. But his actual progress initiatives in the state has got a lot of appreciation from many quarters including even the US. Now this performance factor got the counter fast in action by an ex minister belonging to the ruling party at the national level. Narendra Modi being talked about as the prospective Prime Minister of India post 2014 general elections is reason enough for one or a series of counter fasts.

We have heard about hard working people struggling to make ends meet in trying to eat to live. But now, we have the bizarre pleasure of seeing people spending fortunes in not eating! Why don't they fast at their homes and use the expenditures of not eating to help starving people eat a bit?

NGOs should actively consider holding a national fasting competition for politicians. Entry fee must be the amount equal to or more than the applicant's food bill for his/her entire household for one full year. Top three awards for the best no-eaters should be like this: First Award must be the adoption ten starving beggars, second for adopting seven and third for adopting five starving beggars. Consolation awards consisting of adopting one starving beggar should be awarded to all the participants.

Fast starve and be eerie! 


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