Cricket: The 'Donkey' Identity!


...Lift your ears,
And blow your horn
To wake up the world
This sleepy morn!"

 Why should former England cricket team skipper Nasser Hussain call some members of Team India donkeys? If Team India has already conceded a total defeat margin of 5-0 and is in the process of making it 10-0 with the five match ODI series starting today, Nasser should have been the happiest cricketer on earth, considering the fact that he himself suffered many ignominies at the hands of India in the past! Well, nobody calls someone a donkey out of happiness or sheer pleasure. If somebody should have called Team India 'donkeys', it should have been the Indian public. One former Indian cricketer nearly did it! He said that Team India did not play or field so badly  to be called donkeys! Meaning if Team India goes on to concede 10-0 total defeat margin then they can be rightfully called donkeys! Right?

It's a horrendous comment, you see, from the point of view of the affected animal. Donkey is a legitimate species of mammals and should not be abused. This applies to all species of animals like dogs cats or pigs and in anger you should never abuse them against humans.

The Donkey Identity has yielded tremendous benefits too for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Team India. The BCCI has been engaged in verbal duel with the Indian Sports Minister who vows to make the 'arrogant' board accountable and answerable under Right to Information Act. Now BCCI can temporarily escape and indulge diligently in a 'national' cause. It's a godsend opportunity for the devastated Team India to run away from the present and take pride in not being donkeys. You see, the 'nationalist' spirit comes overwhelmingly handy in India to encounter or counter many unpleasant situations!



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