The Corruption Rigmarole!

Article first published as The Corruption Rigmarole! on Technorati.

Now statistics reveal that the Anna impact of Hisar by-election is around fifty thousand votes! This means the Congress candidate opposed by Team Anna polled fifty thousand votes less than he did in 2009 and lost his security deposit.

Okay, since Team Anna says that corruption symbolizes Congress their anti-corruption campaign has resulted in taking away that much votes from pro-corruption (Congress?). Unfortunately, this is not the correct picture.

Because, statistics also reveal that the winning candidate and the second ranked candidates have one and two court cases pending against them. We may not delve into the records of their illustrated fathers in their governance here, but records do tell a consistent story. Incidentally, the Congress candidate had no cases pending. And, the winning candidate and the second ranked candidate polled more than hundred thousand votes each compared to 2009.

So, why did Team Anna support them, though indirectly? They maintain that they did not support the other candidates and only asked people not vote for Congress (corruption?). But for whom the people were supposed to vote then? Team Anna just cannot tell them to abstain, because that will be most undemocratic thing to do in the largest democracy of the world. So, votes were indeed cast for maybe for a variant form of corruption about which Team Anna had been maintaining an eternal silence since the beginning of the movement.

To confound matters, nobody acknowledged the Anna impact. Not the winning candidate, not the second candidate, not the routed Congress party and not even the beneficiary national opposition party BJP that had supported the winning candidate and had been attacking the ruling party repeatedly for corruption while one of their prominent leaders was put in jail and denied bail.

Corruption seems to be having a rich variety of faces and forms about which Team Anna does not seem to be aware of. If they lead a mass movement against corruption they, at least, must be able to recognize the faces.

Damn it, how does corruption look like? Could anyone please enlighten this hapless writer?\

More disturbing news! Two Team Anna members resign in Delhi and leaves team. Arvind Kejriwal get a shoe thrown on him at a meeting in Lucknow. And, Anna is still silent! 


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