Target Vegetables!

I often wonder why customers always target the vegetables vendors for bargaining and saving a few cents. Maybe because it is of everyday use, but the savings, if any, hardly amount to anything. This is relevant for India where markets are mostly traditional.

That day I went to the market on a few errands. First I wanted to buy sweets for Diwali and went to the most famous shop of the locality. There was a huge crowd there and as I inched closer to the counter I saw one customer with a countenance oozing opulence really monopolizing it. He was buying a wide variety of  sweets in big quantities. I decided to run away to another shop because of the fact that I wanted to buy just 250 grams of one variety!

After the customary purchase I went to the vegetable vendor for a few more items. As I was finishing the man oozing opulence approached the same vendor and started bargaining!

For an item priced 30 bucks a kilo he announced,’ I’ll give 20 bucks because I’ll buy two and half kilos!’ The vendor asked for 25 bucks. The customer announced his verdict again with a stamp of authority. I was instantly happy when the vendor refused! The opulent one moved towards his car maybe expecting a total recall! There was no calling back and I was ecstatic!

These vendors enjoy only a small margin because they have to buy stocks from the middlemen. Now, what do we gain depriving the poor people of their hard earned money?

If we need to save we need to look at some of other expenditures. Right?