Team Anna: A Classic Case of Impatience?

The basic question is ‘why Team Anna has to oppose or support a political party’. Anna Hazare and all his civil society members repeatedly declared their ‘apolitical’ nature and that they had no political ambitions. Then, why don’t they understand that opposing a political party has to be a political act, because the act becomes an indirect support for other parties. Already reeling under charges of having right-wing fundamentalist support Team Anna is not doing any better by asking people not to vote for Congress.

The Government had given a note on the historic evening of August 27, 2011 indicating their support for three basic demands of Jan Lokpal Bill and asserted its commitment to bring the Bill in the winter session of Parliament starting November.

But Team Anna is continuing with its never ending threats charges and invectives thus giving an open invitation to all political parties to indulge in mud-slinging. Kejriwal had sort of clarified that ‘we are appealing to people not to vote for Congress till it passes the Bill’. Just what is meant by this? Now you vote for the opposition parties and after the Bill is passed revert back to voting for Congress?  Are the Indian people so gullible? Supporting a great and noble cause does not make the supporters absolutely blind fools! On the other hand main opposition political parties are just cashing on the unexpected or maybe expected windfall thanks to Team Anna!

Team Anna, just why don’t you wait for the winter session to begin? Yes, it seems to be a classic case of impatience for a handful of individuals who have been riding on unprecedented national and international limelight. How could they afford to get forgotten or unnoticed ever for a day! Right?