Anti-Corrupt Fascists?

The point is not about your anti-corruption stance. The point is about you going out with knives and daggers to attack the corrupt . The trend is growing increasingly dangerous. The beginning of the species called anti-corrupt fascists?

A stalwart of Indian politics, the present Agriculture Minister and former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and an octogenarian, Sharad Pawar was attacked at a public place in the national capital, New Delhi. The youthful unemployed attacker was supposedly angry at corrupt politicians and was the same person who attacked the sentenced former minister Sukh Ram a few days back.

From the highest level of the nation to the masses, everybody wholeheartedly condemned the assault and expressed shock at this incident happening in a democratic nation. The opposition parties also condemned and Team Anna condemned it too, but with a difference that was too obvious.

There was a ‘but’ in their condemnation. The largest national opposition party said while condemning the incident that the people of India were restless and angry with the continuous inflation. Anna Hazare, the crusader against corruption, was reported to have reacted initially as ‘…Only one slap?’ and then going on hastily to condemn all such physical attacks. Another member of Team Anna, Kiran Bedi also seemed to justify the action even though condemning it and she went on to say that politicians would be targeted if the Bill was not passed soon. .

At various points of the national movement against corruption Anna Hazare and his members uttered veiled threats like ‘face the consequences if the anti-corruption Bill is not passed’ or ‘people will no longer tolerate delays’.

In a democracy the people have the right to protest and Mahatma Gandhi had taught just that with astounding victories. But the person who was fondly called the Second Gandhi of India has been indirectly inspiring the masses particularly the youths to violence.

Politics abounds both in corruption practices and in anti-corruption movements. And, both ways politics finally makes the people intolerant and angry.

But the solution for venting the anger is definitely not through guns, knives and daggers. The largest democracy of the world is at deadly turn to a dead-end. Fascists are fascists, they have no ideals-either pro or against.

Meanwhile protests in Maharashtra are spreading far and wide with the call for Pune bandh today. Effigies of Anna Hazare had also been burnt in a place not far away from his native village.


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