An Eventful Day! Winter Session and Third Cricket Test Begin!

The much awaited winter session of the Indian Parliament began today, but to no avail thanks to the opposition parties. One wanted to boycott the home minister for charges not proven yet while others stuck to the issues of inflation. This winter session has been awaited for passing the much sought after anti-corruption Lokpal Bill, not to speak about other important Bills like the long pending Women's Reservation Bill. Both houses of Parliament adjourned for the day within hours. With this trend set to continue the question arises here 'Who wants anti-corruption Bill to be passed'.

Only the ruling party seems to be focused at the moment. Corruption cases are being pursued vigorously with another big decision today to shift the trial of the 2G Spectrum scam to Tihar Jail itself, because all the accused are lodged there only. Secondly, inflation rate has been falling for the past two weeks, no doubt marginally, but falling. Thirdly, the recent petrol hike has been neutralized by the fall in prices, more than the hike, due to the free market mechanism initiated last year. So, why do the opposition parties cry hoarse still knowing fully well the importance of this session!

In the third and last cricket Test between India and West Indies at Mumbai the visitors had a great day with 267 for 2 at close. Fans are waiting eagerly for Tendulkar to come in and achieve the hundred ton feat at his home ground. Some skeptics must be worried now, because they had already berated the West Indies as a weak team due to the big Indian wins. This is a peculiar psychology. When Team India suffer heavy losses they face the music, these skeptics do not ever say that the rival team played better. When India win big the same people say the rival is weak and not that India played better!

And finally I had a very busy day in office without having a few minutes to spare. After reaching home late and having my supper only I am at it!


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