‘…We are Third Class Passengers in the Train of Life!’—Bhupen Hazarika

‘Not first, not second…we are third class passengers in a bogey of the Train of life!
  The train cries out our deprivation…the sadness oozes out in sparks of fire…!
 The big packages in the train contain our tears…we pave our way with the steam of our tears!
  We have all our companions traveling with us…hoping to be delivered finally at the Destination!’

The humble singer cried out in anguish! The peoples’ singer who represented the poor, the downtrodden, the exploited, the tribals of the hills, the plains…inspiring everyone from the illiterate villager to the erudite urbanites.  He sang their sadness, distress, frustrations, joys and ecstasies all his life.

And truly, tearfully and gratefully…the millions are surging and surging…in an unending stream…to pay homage to their dearest artiste Bhupen Hazarika. Queues of people stretching more than five kilometers to get to the Judges Field in Guwahati, Assam and pay their last respects. Crowds pouring from everywhere—all parts of the North East and the East. The unprecedented crowd stream made the authorities to postpone the last rites to tomorrow morning scheduled to be held today afternoon. The peoples’ artiste will continue to meet his ardent admirers full day today and till morning tomorrow. Then the millions will follow him for his final journey. 
This could be one of the biggest attended funerals in world history. The first in Guinness Book of Records is that of Aannadurai—the Tamil scholar and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who died in 1969. The second biggest in India was the funeral procession of Mahatma Gandhi. The peoples’ artiste could figure in the second or third spot in India and definitely in the first ten world over.

Long Live The Legend! 


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