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Friday, December 23, 2011

Crucial Time For Team Anna!

Anna Hazare and the key members of his team have been threatening, pointing fingers and gesticulating all the while as if they wanted to give justice to their followers overnight. Their deadline was December 27, 2011 for passing the Lokpal Bill (anti-corruption Ombudsman) in the Indian Parliament having all the features they wanted. Or else fast, agitation and God knows what more!
Maybe Team Anna never expected that to happen! And, more importantly almost in the way they demanded! So it's now of crucial importance what Team Anna does next!
The government of India presented the Lokpal Bill in the lower house of the Indian Parliament yesterday-22nd of December-as promised. Not only that! The session has been extended too by three days allowing fruitful debate. The Bill also has included almost all the features demanded by Team Anna-except for the issue of keeping Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI ) out of the ambit of the Bill. Some other features have been modified considering practicality implications.
Team Anna-hungry as ever for mass attention- immediately took the ruse and started to shout of fast, agitation and God knows what more!
Now to consider one aspect, despite criticism of government influence the CBI has been a very professional and efficient agency over the decades. Most states of India-even with ruling parties opposed to central government-do ask for CBI intervention for any complex and critical cases. Till date CBI remians the most respectable central investigative agency of the country.
So, Anna Hazare must decide first how much he understands of criminal cases, economic frauds and espionage cases. Before going on playing to his mass followers he must explain how well he is going to perform on anti-corruption litigation.
In the best interest of the country the Bill must be debated upon and eventually passed during the three-day extension period from 27th December. Team Anna must also shift their focus from only 'Target Congress' to the larger country. Their obsessed focus has been making opposition political parties their natural allies, but some of these parties are opposed to some very basic features of the Bill demanded by Anna. Team Anna must be non-political while at the same time they must understand the political games played by their 'natural allies'.
Let us hope India's anti-corruption movement create a historical beginning early next week! No more blackmail, only victory please!
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