Now Spurious Liquor Tragedy in Kolkata!

Death toll in Kolkata country liquor is likely to cross 150 and even more. The people who take country liquor are mostly daily labourers, rikshaw pullers and other poor ones. After manual hard work these people just want to forget the stark reality of their existence and take liquor they can afford. The 'business' of such liquor does not allow them even this necessary 'luxury'! The owners of country liquor shops mix poison with the drinks to make money from the poorest of the poor!
The state of West Bengal was ruled by the so-called communists who talk of the interests of the proletariat, but in reality they allow the misery of rikshaw pullers who run with bare feet to hand-drive their loads on the cruel streets of Kolkata to go on! Such deprived souls normally die of TB in young age. A little comfort in their horribly short lives is robbed by the 'business' of spurious liquor. Hand pulled rikshaws still exist only in West Bengal.
The new Chief Minister of the state is only happy with the new-found political power and just not interested enough to try changing or improving the inhuman conditions. She has seen deaths of babies, deaths of suffocated patients and now deaths of solace seeking poor. God knows what more she would like to witness before saying enough is enough. Maybe even God does not know!
Such tragedies are reflections of the abject Indian poverty. Politics thrive on these and allows more and more to unfold. Some say nothing new in such 'incidents'. So true! Why bother about lousy drinkers! Wonders of India never seem to cease! Some liquor owners are arrested, but again some say they will go on doing the same next! O' poor folks, don't eat and don't drink and don't be merry. Your masters forbid you that!


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