Surrogate Mother! Ethics, Business And All...

Recently Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and his second wife had a baby through a surrogate mother. This is indeed a medically certified way to get a baby. But doubts and questions remain. Today a few more points emerge.
An opposition member of the Maharashtra Assebmly today at the Nagpur winter session presented an unofficial Bill demanding laws and regulations to control this delicate social issue. He informed the lower house that this Bill is first of its kind in the entire country. He had a few very thought provoking points:
*The nature of this practice makes it open only for women of the poorer sections, so exploitation is very much possible.
*Some websites advertise it as a viable career option which makes the exploitation angle more apparent.
*A lucrative buiness is evolving fast with no rulebook and Mumbai the headquarters. Foreign nationals also are coming for this and if they are looted nobody knows or cannot do anything about it.
*Some doctors in Mumbai are maintaining fleets of 5-10 women exclusively for this 'service' or 'business'.
Yes, these points are frightening. You may not question the medical+ scientific part of the issue, but you have to question the ethical side. The women, definitely not from the elite, may be paid handsomely in cash. Or maybe not, because of the inevitable layers of brokers and middlemen involved in the process.
Then comes the immensely relevant psychological angle. A mother develops a powerful emotional attachment after bearing a child for nine months. She may become a mental wreck after the baby is taken away, whatever be the accompanying cash remuneration.
Legislation seems to be the need of the hour. A lot of brainstorming a must. We thank Devendra Fadanvis for raising this socially crucial issue.


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