Who Was The Choreographer!

There has been a huge controversy going on in India now regarding the midnight drama enacted in the upper house of the Indian Parliament on December 29, 2011. People belonging to different professional groups have been alleging that the drama was ‘choreographed’ by someone. There is no agreement though on who that someone could be. The main opposition party accuses the government of being the ‘choreographer’ while the government throws the same charge back at them. Besides, one Indian news channel reportedly predicted the ‘choreography’ right in the afternoon of that eventful day.

Now, choreography literally means ‘dance-writing’ and it has everything to do with motion and beauty. This cannot directly relate to what happened in Parliament, because there is no predetermined element here and ‘beauty’ cries to be treated with respect. In Wikipedia we come across one more description of Planned Choreography, ‘in which a choreographer dictates motion and form in detail, leaving little or no opportunity for the dancer to exercise personal interpretation’. This could fit the bill (the anti-corruption Bill?) if we describe the members as ‘dancers’ who ‘went on dancing’ totally controlled and maneuvered by someone.

But aesthetically, we find it most difficult to associate this with the midnight drama since ‘beauty’ and ‘dancing’ refer basically to artistes and definitely not to howlers. Even if we agree in principle it does not at all become clear who was dancing to whose tune! Considering the horrific nature of the spectacle some fertile brains have suggested other suitable terms like ‘Orchestration’ or ‘Match fixing’. Much better! 

Problems persist though. We have replaced ‘choreographer’ with other more appropriate terms okay, but we still have no clue about that ‘someone’ who choreographed or orchestrated or match-fixed. Maybe like in cricket we will have to wait for days or months or years for that piece of ‘breaking news’. Another confounding issue, if that news channel could predict hours in advance about the ‘fixing’ how come it still was looking for the elusive ‘fixer’! The celebrated anchor of that channel had been putting ‘My simple question tonight’ to almost everybody available and yet the answers were far from being simple.

Maybe the hired ‘someone’ was ruthlessly professional. With this we can conclude too. Professional choreographers would always give you the best and most experienced service. Why to bother about identities and names? Make it a New Year resolve! 

                                    Happy New Year 2012! 


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