The Mystery of The Black Ink!

Article first published as The Mystery Of The Black Ink! on Technorati.

Someone threw black ink on the face of the Indian Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba at a press conference held in the national capital Delhi recently. The famous up-market guru was speaking about his future moves on corruption and black money when the black incident happened.
The thrower was immediately caught and given a strong beating by the Baba supporters. Then the police came and arrested the offender thereby rescuing him from further beating of the third degree.
Ramdev Baba was magnanimous in dismissing the incident as mere nothing, but later on he alleged the involvement of the ruling Congress party in the incident. No surprise in that. Because, he could hardly forget his unceremonious midnight ousting from the fasting ground in Delhi by the government of India in June, 2011.

Ramdev Baba saw the showering of media and mass attention on Anna Hazare during the peak of the movement against corruption. Therefore he too decided to join the anti-corruption bandwagon to have a share and launched a fast against the menace of black money. But due to a conglomeration of right-wing elements in his audience the government came down heavily and ended the fast hard and quick.

Political parties condemned the black incident as it had to be, but there was an underlay of charges and counter charges for possible involvement of rivals. As a natural corollary to this a group of Ramdev supporters threw black ink on an election poster of the Congress President at the Congress headquarters in the national capital just a day after. And this time the throwers were given a sound beating by the party workers.

And the mystery only deepens further...


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