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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stop The Sick Killers--Another Eve Teasing Tragedy!

One more horrible eve teasing incident had been reported from Jind, a town in the northern state of Haryana, leading to deaths of two innocent girls. The sick mentality of the two-legged cannibals who prowl the streets of India anytime any day strikes one more time. Who will stop these cowards always preying on the weaker ones?

Two school girls around 16 years of age, Ankita and Shikha, were returning from their tuition classes in the evening on Thursday on a scooter. Two cannibals looking for easy flesh followed them on a motorcycle hailing the girls with lewd remarks and abuses.  The busy public street promised not even an iota of safety for the girls and knowing this fully well the cowards rode even closer trying to molest them on the move.

In a desperate attempt to get clear Ankita, who was driving, lost balance and their scooter veered off towards the wrong side of the street. A racing truck coming close behind crushed them.

The incident took place right in front of a major police station and the policemen preferred to watch it rather than taking immediate action. The two cowards sensing trouble now fled the spot and thanks to few bystanders the truck driver was caught and the girls taken to hospital. But they were announced brought dead. The devastated families of both the girls first took it as a case of accident, but were dismayed beyond consolation when they came to know the horrid details from a lone eyewitness.

Two more victims of eve teasing. Only about three months back two brave youths lost their lives trying to save their female companions from teasing. In the Jind case it was becoming almost clear that the two cannibals belonged to influential families and so, police action seemed to be an non-starter.

Policemen cannot protect victims from eve teasing. It’s the society that must wake up to prevent it and take tough action. Men and women must be united in this fight against the cannibals. The men must kill the cowards within them and the women must learn self-defense tactics good enough to carry the fight to the ultimate triumph over the evil.  

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