The Celebrity Punch!

Hindi movie (read Bollywood) superstar hero Saif Ali Khan punched a South African businessman of Indian origin at a restaurant of five-star hotel in uptown Mumbai on the night of February 21, 2012. The superstar was in the company of his Bollywood-heroine wife Kareena Kapoor and few other friends including more celebrity actors. Saif was arrested and released on bail the next day evening.
The day following the midnight brawl all Indian news channels started devouring the huge story carrying bytes of the victims—South African businessman Iqbal Sharma and his dad-in-law. Saif Ali Khan could not be traced the whole day and the Mumbai police visited his residence leaving summons to come to police station immediately. The superstar was to be arrested anytime, cried on the news channels.

Iqbal Sharma revealed that he went to the restaurant along with his dad-in-law for dinner and they were deeply distracted by the noise emanating from the adjacent table occupied by the superstar and his friends. They complained repeatedly to no avail and finally decided to leave the hotel. At that time Saif chased them and punched Iqbal on his nose that started bleeding. His dad-in-law was also punched and pushed down the stairs by Saif’s friends. Getting admitted in a local hospital Iqbal further alleged that all in Saif’s group behaved like rowdy elements.

By evening of the eventful day Saif Ali Khan, eldest son of Indian cricket legend Tiger Pataudi who died only five months back, surrendered to police. He was arrested immediately and released on bail immediately too. Section 325 of the Indian Penal Code under which the actor was framed allows bail though imprisonment under the same section could go up to 7 years if found guilty in due course of trial.

Saif Ali Khan lodged a counter-charge alleging that Iqbal punched him first after a heated argument during which ladies in his groups were also insulted and humiliated. He only acted in self-defense; the movie hero fumed adding that the hotel close circuit cameras would definitely vindicate his stand later. Unfortunately latest reports today suggest that there is no CCTV footage as there were no cameras in that area where the fighting took place! 




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