Cricket: Yuvraj Singh Has Lung Cancer, Doctors Say Curable!

Article first published as Cricket: The Full Truth About Yuvraj Singh! on Technorati.

 Indian cricket team’s prime match winner Yuvraj Singh is in trouble. The earlier medical reports indicating his lung tumor as benign had been proved wrong by doctors in the US. It is found to be malignant and India’s star cricketer has lung cancer.

The US doctors have said that Yuvraj’s proper treatment was delayed by a wrong diagnosis given by an Indian hospital. His physiotherapist claimed that the correct biopsy report was done in October end, 2011, but that report was allegedly stolen from his car. Then the Indian hospital gave the wrong diagnosis. This explains why Yuvraj’s family possibly informed the media as late as November end, 2011 that all was well with the superstar and he was likely to join India in the Australian triangular one-day series in February, 2012.

Yuvraj Singh had been undergoing treatment in the Cancer Research Institute in Boston since last month. His lung tumor had been described as a rare one and since the tumor is just above the artery of his heart there is some element of risk involved in medication. Some medical experts also call this disease as Lung Seminoma that mostly affects younger generation.  

But the good news is that the US doctors term it as stage one cancer and thus immensely curable. Ever Lung Seminoma in younger people is more than 95% curable. They have decided upon three cycles of chemotherapy for Yuvraj which is likely be completed in March, 2012. Then the rehabilitation process would start and be complete next month. In May, 2012 Yuvraj is expected to come roaring back into the world of cricket.

Yuvraj played a pivotal role in the ICC World Cup-2011 which India won in style. During that historic period he scored 362 runs, took 15 wickets as an on-and-off slow bowler, won four man-of-the-match awards and was rightfully crowned the Player of the Tournament.

It is very unfortunate that the Indian cricket board fought with its main sponsor for 11 years over the utilization of Yuvraj’s Indian Premiere League (IPL-V) sale price. Yuvraj had been playing for Pune Warriors, an IPL team, as its skipper and now its owner Sahara India withdrew the ownership and decided to discontinue its mammoth cricket sponsorship for Team India.

Indian cricket needs Yuvraj Singh and the sooner he comes back the better. All cricket fans across the world must join in prayers for his immediate and the fullest recovery. He must win this crucial match for India too.


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