More than half of Mumbaikars did not vote yesterday. In fact, the miserable 30% finally rose to 45% at the end of the polling day. Almost equal to the voting percentage in 2007. We can call it Mumbai's genetic apathy to casting votes! Status quo maintained. 

And, status quo maintained too in the governance of the Municipal corporation. Shiv Sena-BJP-RPI alliance came roaring back to power. They have won 107 wards in the 227-ward corporation, falling just 7 short of the magic majority figure of 114. With a sizable number of independents the majority can be achieved easily without having to look for support or allying with Raj Thackeray's MNS who won 29 seats--a huge beginning. 

Approximately 54,00,000 Mumbaikars did not vote and it will never be clear to which alternative they would have voted for. Maybe the state ruling coalition or even MNS would have come to power if they voted. Now, they will have to accept the status quo in all civic matters and they will hardly be able to or empowered to complain too much. If you can shout about red-tap ism or corruption or potholes or water shortage or have joined Anna Hazare's movement they just why didn't you vote?   

Anyway, the Shiv Sena alliance who have ruled the Corporation for last 16 years thanked the voters for bringing them back into power. Rightly so. 

Meanwhile, in the Commonwealth Bank Tri-Series cricket Sri Lanka finally scored a win defeating Australia by 8 wickets in a rain-curtailed match. Rickey Ponting captained today in place of injured Clarke. India thus continue to remain on top of the table and hope to score more points in their match against Australia on Sunday.


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