Cricket: Yuvraj Singh Wins Battle Against Cancer!

Dashing Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has just won the most challenging match of his life—his battle against cancer. He had been suffering from mediastinal seminoma--a rare germ cell cancer in his left lung maybe from the time of the World Cup-2011 when he had bouts of coughing and vomiting even while in action. The brave soldier never showed his pain but went ahead fighting for his nation. His exemplary efforts contributed significantly towards India becoming the World Champions and him being crowned with the Man of the Series award.

Yuvraj had been officially discharged from a hospital in Indianapolis, USA where he successfully completed the three cycles of chemotherapy. Doctors said that he had earned the ‘I will never return’ tag and could come back to normalcy within the next two months. Chemotherapy did not affect his liver and kidney adversely and these organs remained robust which was so important for a normal cricketing life, the doctors added.

Yuvraj tweeted his thanks to all his fans and expressed happiness at the great prospect of coming back home soon. After a few weeks of rest and rehabilitation he is likely to run to the cricket field by the first week of May, 2012. He also conveyed his greetings to the living legend of India, Sachin Tendulkar for achieving the historic Century of hundred international centuries.

For his countless cricket fans across India and the world this is a tremendous piece of good news. Fans are eager to see him back in the cricket arena. They want him to play on for India and go on being a match winner for his nation.

Yuvraj Singh had been undergoing treatment in the US for the last three months. In fact his proper treatment was delayed due to a wrong diagnosis by an Indian hospital when his tumor was described as benign. But after a series of tests under the supervision of US doctors the right diagnosis was made and it was described as a first-stage cancer which was curable. Yuvraj and his family accepted the truth and fought on bravely.

Yuvraj Singh will continue to be in USA for a few weeks and he is likely to return to India in April. His fans cannot wait to see their hero back in action.

His tremendous willpower and good spirit combined with the prayers of billions of fans helped him win this crucial match with distinction.  No doubt why he is always called a match winner!


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