Honest Cop Murdered by Mining Mafia!

Narendra Kumar Singh, a young officer of the elite Indian Police Service (IPS—2009 batch), was mowed down by trolley laden with stones in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. An honest and upright officer, Narendra Kumar was trying to stop the trolley, allegedly belonging to the mining mafia, for carrying stones illegally.

He was posted as a sub-divisional police officer in that district just about two months ago. The area has been notorious for illegal mining activities and Narendra had been very active taking the initiative and conducting checks, seizures and arrests round the clock. Acting on a tip-off that day he along with his driver and security guard intercepted the trolley ordering it to stop. The vehicle did not stop and ran him over. He was rushed to the nearby hospital and was announced brought dead. A horrific price of honesty young Narendra had to pay.

His distraught father while taking pride in his son’s crusade against criminals asked some very crucial questions. Why a top ranking officer had to go physically for the job normally done by inspectors and constables? Why the state machinery did not provide him the support and security despite his on-going efforts? Was the mining mafia enjoying patronage from the people in power? His father also alleged that all the criminals arrested by Narendra were freed eventually.

This points a finger to the government (read political)-mafia-underworld nexus that had seemingly plagued many states of India in recent times. But nobody takes the responsibility of initiating some action and all doubts and allegations get denied in normal course of proceedings. Political parties are only quick to capitalize on even the most tragic issues to make political gains. Seeing a party under pressure the opposition parties will only try increase it asking for resignations and even mid-term elections.The ruling parties or governments will also be more guided by the noise made by the opposition parties rather than focusing on the issues for the actions needed and for justice.

If you are an honest officer or employee in any of the governments in India you just cannot hope for admiration or protection for your righteous actions. You will be protected only if you allow yourselves to be forced, coerced, brain-washed and baptized into the correct or required or desired political scheme or theme or alignment.

Narendra Kumar Singh’s murder must be condemned by all right-minded Indian citizens. They must ask the authorities, ‘Do you have the courage to look straight in the eyes of Narendra’s pregnant wife and all his grief-stricken family members, and announce you will give justice?’


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