Silence Of The Lamps!

Just remembered one very old joke that was doing its rounds in our childhood days. Immensely liked it those times and never forgot it till today! So why not put it out here for all of you! Though many of you may already know it or might have disliked it and for many more it could be clich├ęd. But no harm done in view of the ever building tension and suspense for the India-Pakistan Asia Cup encounter this Super Sunday.

Two drunks were having a heated debate under a street lamp quite late in the night. One said one thing and the other denied it vehemently.
“See how beautiful the bright shining sun looks!”
“Are you crazy buddy? This is the most beautiful blessed full moon I have ever witnessed!”
‘It’s indeed the sun!’ and ‘No, this is the moon!’ rent the still night air in the lonely street and the noise was getting louder all the time.
At that moment a third drunk happened to pass by. The two debaters decided to take the third opinion to settle the issue.
“Hey pal, just a minute please!’ Pointing at the street lamp above, “Please tell us is this the sun or the moon?”
“Very sorry, guys! I am new to this area!”

Better you laugh, because the noisy debate about the result of today’s cricket match is still raging! Laugh, laugh and enjoy! If India win you shriek with laughter hoping to watch another classic soon! If India lose you laugh more being grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a rare blockbuster!


Sandee said…
Bwahahahahahahaha. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Easter Sunday had us busy all day yesterday.

Have a terrific day and thanks for playing along. :)

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