Starting A Blog!

Starting a blog is termed as the smartest and also the easiest of jobs nowadays. It’s the smartest because you can establish yourself effectively in the international community and easiest, because you don’t need to be a computer expert or software programmer for that. Step-by-step guide easily available on the net and the user friendly interface on the blogging services make you start immediately and improve upon it continuously.

You can either host a blog on numerous hosting sites that charge a monthly or annual amount or have it ready instantly on free blogging sites like Blogger and Wordpress. Even in free blogging services you can buy a custom domain for a nominal annual charge which makes it apparently your own without having to bother about the technicalities.

The smartest and easiest way of starting a blog brings us to the basic question—why you need a blog. This need varies from individual to individual and here you must be the boss in deciding. Your needs could be entirely personal or family oriented; it could be for business purposes and it could be for professional purposes. We will take an example below why a writer needs a blog.

A professional writer would greatly benefit from his/her own blog.  S/he may be a prolific writer on the net submitting articles to e-zines or directories regularly, but s/he is constrained by some requirements that ask for the articles to be stand-alone, impersonal and independent of any time-frame and based on good informative content. All these constraints are not there in a blog. If you are interested in news-related developments that go stale the next day you can publish it on a blog using a dateline with the freedom of mentioning ‘today’ or ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow’. This makes your blog like a newspaper or a live personal journal. Unless you are a reporter in a daily newspaper you cannot enjoy this luxury anywhere else other than your own blog. Sometimes of course, you can create ‘articles’ of your ‘posts’ and also‘post’ your ‘articles’ published elsewhere in your blog. This brings us to the next important point—what is your blog about.

You must decide what you want to write about. You should choose subjects where you have an expertise and not too many. If you are a writer and choose subjects of your interest and expertise then it takes full care of the ‘content’ part of your blog.  Now you must ask yourself—who will read your blog.

While writing your ‘posts’ or ‘articles’, you must take the global reader into active consideration.  Once your blog is on the net it’s international instantly. You must make your posts interesting, thought provoking and without too much use of the local flavor and specific terminologies. If you want to make a local-interest story an international attention you must take the pains of explaining short and sweet in writing without straining the reader too much. Putting up regular posts—best if you can manage daily—is also a must in attracting new readers and making your other readers to return. You cannot afford to make your blog extremely personal, because in that case nobody would be interested in reading except your family and friends. For family and friends social networking sites would always be better.

So you can be on the way of starting a blog anytime and the issues like traffic generation, networking, creating quality back-links, affiliate marketing and so on will come to you as you go on updating your blog.


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