After Baby Falak Now It Is Baby Afreen: Shame on India!

What a country we have! A country that has been worshiping the Shakti cult in the forms of Goddesses torture, brutalize and go on killing the human forms of the same cult. A country where no female is safe on the streets, on the trains, on the buses and even within the four walls of  their homes. Time to replace ‘India’ for ‘SHAME’! A country called SHAME and where people seem to be SHAMEless forever!

What a society we have! A society controlled by hordes of cowardly males (like a malignant tumor) who lust for females in every field of activity and never loses an opportunity to exploit them in every field of activity, but also want lots and lots of money to marry them! They do the malignant favor of marrying a girl for a huge bargain, start torturing her for more money, burn her or kill her if insistent demands are not met and then, if a girl child happens to get born to them they brutalize, maim and even kill the babies. Why don’t the males do one more big favor—get their rate cards written large and labeled in their foreheads along with detailed guidelines of what to follow after the so-called marriage so that millions of girls get forewarned and avoid the traps. As for the parents one of them has to be a male and so nothing positive can be expected. Time has come for the female force to get armed to the teeth and fight and fight with all their might to get rid of the malignant tumor of our society. Once for all. For good.

We know the story of the two-year-old Baby Falak who died in her third cardiac arrest after a nearly two-month struggle for survival. Now, three-month old Baby Afreen died of a cardiac arrest in a Bangalore hospital today.

What was Afreen’s fault? She was born a girl child to a male parent. That cowardly male could not accept the fact, started battering his wife for the 'crime' and then brutalized and bruised his own baby with indescribable cruelty. Afreen was hospitalized, but the little baby could not take it any longer and bid her goodbye to a country called SHAME.

Afreen’s mother cried out in anguish cursing her husband for the ghastly act and said in public that he did not deserve to live after this. The demonic male was arrested, put in police custody and a murder charge is being initiated. But what will follow? The case will drag on for years in usual way of our overburdened courts with hardly anything happening finally. And what about the preventive laws or bodies? What can we expect in a country where politicians do their best to oppose any law in favor of women; show more interest in political games, in making fortunes, in enjoying porno in public and in demanding free tickets for IPL and all glamor shows? What right do they have to celebrate events like International Day of the Girl Child or Child Abuse Prevention Day? First let 'day' dawn in your goddamned country.

An absolute shame that our country is this case is likely to be forgotten in matter of days. But in the true tradition of Shakti the female force ought not to take it passively any longer. They must rise in revolution, must demand separate stringent laws for instant justice and punishment and must unite to destroy the Evil. Now is the time!


Anupam Patra said…
The irony is that the chromosome for a female child comes from a father. Its absent in females.

Very well written article.

You have kept up the spirit required to ignite the rage which such incidents ought to cause.

I am glad I read this article.


Thanks, Anupam. The rage must turn into a REVOLUTION. Problem is people forget things very fast or they are rather inclined to forget.
Derek Summers said…
The problem here is that people are not willing to understand the aftermath. They go on killing female child just for some myth and bogus things. You have correctly marked this issue out.

I thoroughly read and liked your article!!!
Thanks Derek! India is impossible!