Cricket Movies: Houseful-2 and IPL-5!

IPL-5 (Indian Premiere League—Season five) started on April 4, 2012 while Bollywood movie Houseful-2 was released all over on 6th of the same month. Both have been attracting sizable crowds since. This could be due to striking similarities between the two. 

High-Decibel Noise! It would not be entirely true to say that Indians love noise, but they are so much used to it that they do not really mind it. It is common knowledge how many times our courts have to pass orders to control noise in public celebrations. Someone from Mumbai once told me that when he went to a Goa resort he was very disturbed by the ‘quiet’. So, we tend to rejoice at the license to noise awarded by Houseful-2 and IPL-5. The movie Houseful-2 opens with its characters seemingly in a shouting spree. One loud quarrel leads to louder and loudest ones. It was such a bliss, maybe the director himself was caught unawares, when one character of the movie showed a tendency to get heart attacks with increasing volumes of noise! Noise was somewhat controlled afterwards! But you cannot imagine IPL without noise and its levels are set to increase to a shrieking pitch.
No Brain Usage! Stressed by congested streets and offices, claustrophobic home environs and mindless sense of competition, we tend to put our brains to sleep when it comes to entertainment. Houseful-2 and IPL-5 are the ideal outlets for not using your brains at all. While movie Houseful-2 makes you forget you have a head on your shoulders, IPL-5 makes your knowledge of the game of cricket delightfully irrelevant.
Old War Horses! Both offer you instant benefits here! You become nostalgic seeing the likes of Randhir Kapur who appears in films after decades, glorious past heroes occasionally appearing  in character roles now Rishi Kapur and Mithun Chakraborty and the eternal villain of Indian celluloid Ranjit in Houseful-2. In IPL-5 you get ecstatic watching Adam Gilchrist, Murlitharan,  Rahul Dravid the Wall, Sourav Ganguly and more still in action.
Young Blood! But you still need to have young blood around too. In Houseful-2 Bollywood action-comedy hero Akshay Kumar and the perfect-timer Ritesh Deshmukh enthrall you particularly in the domestic crocodile scene. In IPL-5 the unending procession of new talents never tires you.

Dialogues!  Amidst the thunder of stupidity some witty dialogues make the Houseful-2 experience all the more worthy meriting righteous chuckles all around. In IPL-5 the worthy commentators who are paid huge amounts to comment excite you to a fever pitch. 
Item Numbers! Movie Houseful-2 makes a path-breaking innovation by using all its three heroines as item girls with their sartorial covers never daring to cross the knees! True to the traditions of Bollywood cinema item numbers come suddenly and totally unannounced—not even linked intelligently enough to the overall stupidity going on. Cheerleaders continue to seduce you in IPL-5 too dancing to the tune of everything earthly possible. Even the anchors of the discussion panel join them for a quick warm-up before starting their job! 

So, it is hardly surprising why people are flocking on to movie Houseful-2 and IPL-5 cricket movies. You can come along too if you have nothing ‘meaningful’ or ‘quieter’ to do!


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