Disaster At Lunch!

Now and then we talk about an eccentric editor in action at the newsroom. Apart from feeling extremely superior and unaccountably staring at others he was also an expert in robbing others of their food in broad daylight and with utter indifference. In the last incident reported here he was magnanimous at least in acknowledging that the robbed food was excellent. As it had been a long while ago another incident needs to be reported urgently.

One day a reporter went down to the restaurant most frequented by the newsroom crowd. He was ravenously hungry and wanted to have a full meal. So he ordered a dish of Dal Khichdi (pulses and rice cooked together deliciously).
As he was waiting impatiently for the food the editor joined him all of a sudden. The reporter politely asked if he wanted some food. The editor only stared back expressionlessly with the hint of a smile. The reporter thought the dish was likely to be shared and his stomach pangs became threatening.
The appetizingly filled dish arrived and one empty plate was requested for sharing. The editor did not betray anything that could be deciphered as far as the food was concerned.
As the waiter placed the empty plate on the table the editor immediately took up the Dal Khichdi dish and poured the full content into the empty plate. And, he started devouring in a hurry and with great relish.
The hapless reporter just looked on. He was now desperately hungry and yet, could not decide on his next course of action. He was sure if he ordered another dish the bill for both the dishes would be on him. If he just vanished from the spot for which he felt a great urge the editor could create more problems when settling the bill.
For the time being the reporter decided just to enjoy ‘his’ eating! 


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