Shahrukh Khan Had The Last Big Laugh!

Shahrukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, who was recently banned for five years from entering Mumbai's Wankhede stadium during an IPL match then enjoyed the support of Mamata Bannerji, the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Because, Mamata considered KKR, co-owned by Shahrukh, as a matter of pride for her state. And today, Mamata 'right'fully sought to overpower what is left of the 'left' by dancing with the stars and, of course, with Shahrukh amidst pomp and plenty.

KKR became the deserving Champions of IPL-5 preventing CSK from running with the title for the third time in succession. The nail biting IPL-5 final was played in Chennai and King Khan was very much there tense most of the time. Finally, when the great moment of victory came he was so overwhelmed with joy that he apologised for his 'misbehaviour' in Mumbai! His 'stakes' with the Indian cricket Board now combined with his 'apology' would virtually force Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) to take back its ban verdict. To make matters best the Bollywood-star son of the MCA President was part of the Shahrukh-KKR celebrations!

Raising a fever pitch for 'Kolkata' patriotism Shahrukh and party held a huge celebration at the Eden Gardens today. And, Mamata Bannerji and her entire government joined the party! She danced, sang and propagated 'pride of West Bengal' and 'national cricket spirit'!

Indian Premiere League (IPL) represents huge business and money interests. Significantly, Mamata recently met Hillary Clinton, the visiting US Secretary of State, for strictly 'business and investment'. Therefore, Mamata means business at the moment and her full state machiery including even the governor joining KKR party must indeed be taken seriously! It hardly matters if nobody speaking her language figured in the Shahrukh team that 'won' for her state. But the great lady is dead 'right' as always and nothing is just right for the 'left'.

King Khan should worry about only one thing though! Mamata was heard saying today that KKR must win for her next year around too! Her 'merciless' ways are very well known and felt all around nowadays!

Thousands thronged Kolkata streets and Eden Gardens today. Whom are they shouting for? Mamata or Shahrukh or KKR or patriotism or nationalism or IPL or...Cricket? Guessing allowed!


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