Cashless Monday!

Whenever I use my bank's ATM card on other-bank ATMs I get a message from my bank starting 'It would be a pleasure to serve you at (so many of) our ATMs...' and then confirming the transaction. So today, while heading for the vegetable market in the evening, I decided to try only my-bank ATMs as I needed to withdraw cash first.

Inside one I completed the procedure and waited for the cash. But the usual shuffling sound was not there and no cash ejected. I tried again with the same result. I now wanted to check my balance, but the machine failed to do even that. Other 'knowing' customers told me 'no cash'! True to my vow I found another my-bank ATM, and the same frustration there too. The attendant was also missing. Angry now, I asked the nearby shop about the attendant and eventually found him playing carom! I demanded, 'Why don't you at least put up a notice for the customers?' Refusing to look up from his striker he replied indifferently, 'I was told not to do that!'

When I had to break my vow finally withdrawing money from an other-bank ATM I still got the message 'It would be a pleasure...!'

Pleasure was the last thought in my mind though, I had a nagging doubt if those cashless transactions were debited from my account I would be literally cashless and stranded on my on-going home visit.

So difficult to find a cybercafe in our area that I never had a chance to do net-surfing so far so necessary for my existence notwithstanding! I walked up and down the lanes finally feeling ecstatic at finding a sign 'Cyber-Cafe-N-Joy'! But after striding up three flights of stairs I found another sign 'Cyber cafe is closed here'!

I decided my bagful of Monday blues was enough for the day. Therefore I now focused in having my bag full of vegetables that I came primarily for.


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