IPL Cricket Spot Fixing Verdict: BCCI Fries The Small Fish!

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) held a crucial meeting today in Mumbai and banned five domestic cricket players found guilty of corruption or indulgence in spot fixing. BCCI’s new anti-corruption Unit gave its report to the disciplinary committee and after deliberations in the meet the decisions were taken.
The five players were charged with varying degrees of culpability to negotiating or bargaining for money for spot fixing in domestic cricket matches and to loose talk or bragging bringing the game of cricket into disrepute. TP Sudhindra, the chief offender, was banned for life while Shalabh Srivastava was banned for five years. The other three namely Mohnish Mishra, Amit Yadav and Abhinav Bali, charged with lesser offence, were banned for one year each. These players were notionally suspended on May 15, 2012 after a television news channel sting operation exposed their involvement in spot fixing.
The BCCI verdict has been hailed as a tough measure to crack corruption and it is expected to act as a deterrent. But these five cricketers are only fringe actors and just two of them managed to figure in a few Indian Premiere League (IPL) matches without showing any exceptional abilities. They have no impact or influence on Indian cricket and that seems to be the basic reason for the harsh punishment. Okay, it might prove a deterrent to the small fish not to go for the bait straightaway! But this would be till they make it big. Once they make it big in Indian cricket they become untouchable and immune to the cricket Board itself. The biggest of deals always go unpunished despite being tremendous acts of corruption.  
If fact, this applies to every field of Indian activity. Once you have clout you can dare and do anything. In the Biggest Indian Tennis fight we saw the ‘key’ players dictating terms in careless abandon. Their garrulous demands were accepted through pitiful begging, personalized negotiations and Olympian compromises. Maybe as a classic finishing touch, the fifth seeded Grand Slam winning mixed doubles pair of Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza crashed out of the Wimbledon today losing pathetically to an unseeded pair in a second round match. The London Olympics lies round the corner to carry the ‘fight’ forward!
For the moment though let us welcome BCCI fighting corruption! 


seth said…
It is a good move to take action on such malicious deed. It will help those players that are training hard to really win.
Nikita said…
Shame ipl is turning murkier with each year and at this rate every budding young indian cricketers today in india will only think of ipl first where they can make quick money in the least time and will hate to play test cricket.
As it is our second 11 is on the w.i tour and we are loosing badly there.imagine in just a couple of years when we tour australia,england,s.a what a weak test team we could have, not forgetting that just last year we lost all the 4 tests against england and australia.
I.p.l is only meant for promoting cricket to non cricketing nations with its dashing style and should never be allowed to take a pre ponderance over test cricket.
Strange in india ipl players are choosen more than say a good ranji player for a test side.
Look at ravinder bisla who won kkr this ipl,he has not got a take from any ranji side, at least this is what the news paper says.
Could it be the other way round that he will now always like making it ipl a priority to test or any other domestic championship?
Yes in the news channel indian test players talk that playing for the nation comes first and then only the ipl but are they speaking from their heart or just talking like a political diplomat?
Eds said…
Looks like u really love sports? THanks for sharing! :)
Daddy Yashiro said…
It's really good that there are bodies or organizations that tries to make sports better.
The authority must reprimand those people involved in "corruption". This will only ruin the integrity of the group.
Janice said…
'...reprimand those people involved in "corruption".
Lizzie said…
I wish I can relate to those stuff.
Jellybelly said…
Game fixing seems to be found in all sports. Sports authorities must be vigilant.

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