Loving The Rains!

After a long spell of humid heat you get thrilled seeing dark clouds hovering above you and finally becoming a huge mass snuffing out bright daylight. As the dark clouds build up making rains imminent you are welcomed by a cooling breeze. And, when the big raindrops hit the ground in a scattered way first and then get into a heavy downpour the hard soil start emitting a deliciously sweet fragrance that many of us are accustomed to (you may call it a stench in concrete jungles!). You become ecstatic!

Those were the moments back in Guwahati, our home town, we enjoyed and cherished ! The scenes were in and around our ancestral home there. 

Meanwhile, Mumbai got into a most lucrative rain-mood three days back, but gave it up soon afterwards due to some unknown reasons! Or maybe El Nino? This is becoming a real scare for the Indian Monsoon this year. On that particular Mumbai mood the met department did forecast heavy to very heavy downpour for the next 48 hours. 

We hope for the raining best blessing the farmers and us alike, of course!


Thess Enriquez said…
I love the rain, brings blessings. I love it so much I named my kid Raine!
aynzan said…
It's raining,pouring and everyone is snoring.It's a treat when it rains..
Rochelle O. said…
Wishing the farmer's blessing this rainy season too! (:
Mae Codizal said…
I pray it doesn't go bad...I love the rain, but not how it damages. :)
LadyXciD said…
I hope it won't get rough.. let there just be enough rain and not much so it'll be safe for everyone
inigo said…
I love the rain too!
It seldom rains on this part of the world though. I'm in Abu Dhabi.
bonz said…
i love rain! :) feeling the heat right now in the Philippines makes me wish it will rain. :)
Tin said…
I love the cold wind and downcast clouds before the rain..a little drizzle is good too. rain is ok, as long as it doesn't flood! :)
Jen said…
There's something about rain that seems to clean up the air.:)
Vera said…
Living in a tropical country, I too know how to appreciate a good downpour. If only there's a guarantee that flooding won't occur! :)
Gene said…
I love rain, it's cool and I love the sound coming from the roof. But not so much when it's flooding hahaha.
anne lei said…
sometimes i hate rain, especially if it is heavy. the town where i live is a catch basin. so sometimes i expect flood whenever there is a typhoon

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