Euro Cup-2012: World Champions Spain Creates History! Italy Demolished!

World Champions Spain dominated the Euro Cup-2012 football Final right from the start of the match and produced a result that beat the most one-sided Final in the history of Euro Cup football when Germany beat the Soviet Union 3-0 in 1972. On Sunday the 1st of July, 2012 Spain trounced Italy 4-0 perfectly dividing the match scoring two goals each half. Spain created history by winning the Euro Cup consecutively in 2008 and in 2012 and equaled Germany’s record of three Euro Cup wins. Spain also maintained its record of not conceding a single goal in a knockout match since 2006. 
Much was expected of Italy after their terrific 2-1 victory over Germany in the second Semi Final with Mario Balotelli emerging as the new Italian hero. But yesterday Italy failed to cope with Spain’s perfectly coordinated passes, pace and persistent attack from the very first minute. In the first half David Silva and Jordi Alba scored in the 14th and the 41st minute while in the second half Fernando Torres and Juan Mata scored the third and the fourth goals in the 84th and the 88th minute.
After halftime Italy tried desperately to level the score and created a few opportunities inside the Spanish box, but the Spanish goalkeeper defended stoutly as ever in a knockout match. To worsen Italian chances their midfielder Thiago Motta had to be taken out of the ground due to hamstring injury and since Italy used up all its substitutes by then the team got reduced to ten men from the 64th minute. As the game progressed the Italian team started looking tired and utterly demoralized as their body language clearly showed. Balotelli who failed to do any magic looked to be furious when he left the field at the end. 
Spain won again due to its attacking spirit and for that spirit only we enjoyed their matches in the FIFA World Cup-2010 and supported them wholeheartedly. They also silenced their critics who say Spain’s endless passing strategy makes the game boring, but one fact that emerged in yesterday’s match was that Spain kept possession of the ball most of the time and this fact showed their superiority, definitely not boring strategy. In fact, many other soccer teams increasingly show the ‘boring’ trend of playing for penalties thus restricting the game to midfield action. It was not for nothing that Octopus Paul became a great fan of Spain predicting its final triumph in 2010 World Cup!
Spain and all Spain supporters the world over are celebrating! We join them in the ecstasy too for a deserving victory. 


jared's mum said…
am not much of a sports fan, but am sure it would have been an exhilarating experience to watch this game, especially if you were rooting for Spain! :)
Postcard Trail said…
ohhhh...every coffee shops here in Abu Dhabi stayed up all night for the game. Congrats Espania!
rachelle said…
really sad that Germany lost but as they say, the German team are still young. In a few years i know they will gain maturity.