India Must Redefine SHAME!

Apart from rising levels of population, intolerance, violence, crimes against women and corruption the largest democracy of the world called India has been dictatorially making life most inhuman for its children—supposed to be its future. Had there been a choice many souls from the ether would have straightaway rejected the offer of getting born in India!
Endless herds of street urchins engaged or forced into begging, rag-picking, illegal trafficking and plain abuse. A whole vista of little innocent faces falling prey to the curse of child labor. NOT ENOUGH!
Lives nipped in the bud through widely practiced female foeticide and at a later stage through infanticide.  The male dominated dowry-based society bashing up and killing girl children brutally and at will. Newborn babies getting killed thanks to hospital negligence and callousness. NOT ENOUGH!
Those who are lucky to be able to get a little older despite the most hostile environment are falling into open holes that abound all around them-enticing them and trapping them in. Sufferings and deaths continuing in a vicious circle. NOT ENOUGH!
Those who are lucky to grow up in well-to-do city families are falling prey to kidnappings and physical abuse that lurk in unpredictable corners all the time. NOT ENOUGH!
A 5th standard school girl of a cultured city of Kolkata and in a university that was founded by the Nobel prize winning poet-composer-writer Rabindra Nath Tagore. Her crime was she could not get out of her habit of bed-wetting. The hostel warden, incidentally a lady too like the Chief Minister of the state, was mercilessly decisive in punishment. The warden forced the girl student to drink her own urine to teach her a lesson for bed-wetting. NOT ENOUGH!
India must redefine SHAME and try FEELING it!