London Olympics: India Win The First Medal!

In a land of over one billion people one single medal counts too, it's not necessary that it be a gold one. It is like just one droplet in a vast ocean, but it still creates ripples throughout. That is India! Basically, a land of happy people for whom even the slightest opportunity is good enough to rejoice and feel proud of their country. In such special moments people do not bother about their problems--ranging from poverty, illiteracy, social exploitation and horrific violence to stark inequalities. The people of this miraculous country had an occasion to rejoice today. 

On the third day of the London Olympics-2012 today one Indian won a medal. Gagan Narang did it in the10m Air Rifle shooting event, after Beijing Olympics-2008 gold medalist Indian hero Abhinav Bindra crashed out in the qualifying round. This achievement comes after a series of failures in various disciplines and only a few random cases where the competitors will have another chance to go further. 

Gagan Narang won only a Bronze medal placed in the third position. He could not win the Gold or the Silver. But the Indian media channels cried that Gagan had created history. Yes it is, because he gave India its very first medal of the London Olympics-2012. Yes it is, because this act is set to inspire all athletes in the coming days. Yes it is, because such achievers do not have godfathers or sponsors. 

The people of India are celebrating! And, we join in wholeheartedly too! The President, the Prime Minister, the Sports Minister and all people of position in India have flooded Gagan with greetings. A huge cash award has been declared by the state he belongs to. If you make a study in the diversity of India you will focus ultimately on Sports, cricket apart, as the single most powerful unifying agent. Just think, if there is all round promotion of general sports in the country what a happy and beaming lot this land and its people would be! 

What is the morale of the story? Well, if even small things can make you so happy you have hardly anything to worry about in life. Envy us? 

Let us hope India make the richest Gold harvest in history this time in London