Political Disorder Of The Psychological Kind!

Wife: You think you are the most righteous person of the world! Always wise, considerate and honest!... I think you are just dumb!
Husband: What do you mean ‘dumb’?
Wife: ‘Dumb’ means dumb. You can never spell it out loudly and clearly in times of need. People go on doing the wrong things on you and you think God will set it right.
Husband: I beg your pardon! You never heard me talking bold or shouting?
Wife: Oh…right! You can indeed shout like hell…but only at me! To the outside world you are just dumb.
Husband: You mean to say I got my degrees, got my job and have been doing my office assignments efficiently enough…by just being dumb!
Wife: That is why you’ve progressed only this far. If you were not dumb maybe you could have been the CEO! You know what Mr. X told about you…?
Husband: Oh…shut it up! Any outside fellow saying something about me is bible for you!
Husband happened to have a high-decibel brawl just down in the campus with a few residents and the watchman on some vexing housing society issues a few days later. He enters home afterwards exuding pride and victory.
Wife: Are you crazy? Why were you howling like a madman? You just didn’t listen to anyone! …
Husband: Goddamn it! Confound it! Bullshit it! What's wrong with you? You will pick only on me when I don’t do it and you will pick on me more even when I do it!
The Government and the opposition behave similarly, if we may say so! The opposition would go on castigating the Government for not initiating the essential reforms in light of the global economic crisis for example. And, when the Government proposes hard measures or an economic reform the opposition starts castigating again citing harm to local, regional and national interests. The disorder concerning ‘doing’ and ‘not doing’ goes on…!
If an esteemed foreign source maybe the Time magazine passes a political judgment the cascading confusing madness loses all methods…!
But like in the Biggest Tennis Fight the puzzle remains as to who is acting the wife and who the husband! No gender bias please!


Reform must emanate from their ownselves. That's the real reform.