Fight Against Corruption: Baba Ramdev New Savior?

The righteous minded hates corruption and wants this evil eradicated from India or possibly form planet Earth. Therefore, when Anna Hazare launched a movement in April, 2011 he immediately enjoyed unprecedented mass support and captured the national stage. Inspired by Anna’s achievement the immensely rich yoga guru Baba Ramdev jumped in the fray too with a movement against a related factor of black money. History was created.
As the internal contradictions within Team Anna grew mass support for the movement began to wane. The Mumbai fast in December, 2011 was a terrible flop and the situation further worsened with Anna Hazare falling sick frequently and going on a silence vow. Team Anna was plunged into severe introspection. 
Maybe inspired by Baba Ramdev’s star power, this time Anna Hazare decided to join hands and the two cult figures celebrated their union with a one-day token fast in Delhi in June, 2012. Sometime later both of them held a joint press conference and announced two major movement programs. Anna would start an indefinite fast from July 25 for a strong anti-corruption Bill and Baba Ramdev would launch an indefinite movement against black money. The venue was the national capital, New Delhi.
Team Anna sat into a fast with Anna to join later if necessary. It became inevitable after a pathetic lack of support. The Baba attended the fast on the third day and infused crowds into it, but the supporters stayed there as long as he was there. Lot of people criticized the Baba for trying to highjack the movement.
With no surging crowd and a disinterested government Anna Hazare turned political on 3rd of August. Three days later he disbanded Team Anna saying the team had outlived its objectives and they would no longer negotiate with the government for a strong anti-corruption Bill. There will be a political party instead to enter into Parliament and change the system from within.
As planned, Baba Ramdev started his movement from today in Delhi. The crowds surged to nearly 20,000 people thanks to the Baba’s star power, but it was a far cry from the 900,000 he boasted of bringing in.
Now, the most significant development. The Baba announced a three day fast first and then the next program if the government did not relent by that time. And, it was not only a fight against black money, but also for a strong anti-corruption Bill with the basic elements demanded by Anna Hazare. He expressed his vow to always support Anna’s cause, but unlike Team Anna he had no political agenda and he would never attack or target any political party or politicians.
While the righteous wants corruption removed the very fight against the evil is becoming utterly complex and replete with question marks. The government sticking to its wait and watch policy and therefore the main opposition party, BJP, naturally is openly extending support to Baba Ramdev.
The movement is also becoming charmingly open for both corrupt and non-corrupt to jump in. For many corrupt souls it provides the platform to show off; in fact, it provides retirement benefit bonanza too. Many retired persons who dedicated their lives to greed and corruption and made a dirty lot of money can join in for a ‘safe’ social service. There is hardly any surprise in the poster incident today when Baba Ramdev’s aide Balkrishna who is in jail for a forgery case was shown along with the greatest freedom fighters of India including Mahatma Gandhi!
The politics of corruption goes on unabated!


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