Degenerative Politics: The Divisive Greed!

A society divided on caste lines…further segmented by the reservation policy. The society’s divided mindset of looking at some people as ‘untouchables’ has been maintained with utmost care throughout the history of ‘independent’ India. The elected representatives thrive on such divisions and go on creating divided vote banks to rule ‘one’ country. Corruption based on divisive greed for money first and then power encompasses the ‘one’ and divided country fully. The vicious circle sets in leading to erosion of values, cheapness of lives and culture, increase in mindless violence and…degeneration. A few ominous indicators are crying out to be linked to this process of degeneration.
  • The monsoon session of the Indian Parliament ends tomorrow without any work done or executed or completed. It is stalled for the 12th day in succession today. No doubt, serious issues are involved, but no party wants the solutions and no debates allowed. Obviously the divisive greed cannot have any solution. To cap it all two ‘respectable’ members of the upper house had a fist fight for the first time in Parliamentary history and in full view of the nation. Fighting for one more division within all the divisions. And fighting for one more elected opportunity to reap in the windfall.
  •  The political party that commits itself to fight corruption tooth and nail sends its elected representatives in a state it rules on picnics abroad in the name of official ‘study tour’. While the poor farmers there are dying due to drought conditions. Media exposes one such waste of public money and one more gets discovered in the same state. The vested interests in power admit their helplessness to change the pattern.
  • Thirty eight poor workers die in a blazing firecracker factory fire yesterday. Why? Because the owners violated the safety standards and rules. To be precise, the degenerative system based on divisive greed allowed them to violate.
  • Anna Hazare tried to fight the degeneration, but his members could not resist the temptation of divisive greed. His team no longer exists and the erstwhile members are divided among themselves.

  • Baba Ramdev too joins in to fight the system and finally partners the elected representatives only. The Baba naturally wants to justify his immense riches with political clout based on divisive greed.

  • Brutal facts on crimes against women and babies, carnivorous eve teasing, perversions, sadism, horrific murders and so on are everyday incidents nowadays. Yesterday, in a reputed educational institution of the country a horrible ragging incident was reported with the videos going viral. Maybe a new generation is being nurtured and maintained to fit the elected representatives greed by greed, perversion by perversion to finally complete the process of degeneration in near future.
How to stop it? But who will think of stopping it? How many of us are not already taken in by the vicious circle? We must first allow selfless debates within us and between us and then only can think of a way out.


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