Humor: The Absent Minded Professor And The Adamant Elevator!

That was a very hectic day at work and he got really late. Finally he cleared the last file on the desk, picked up his briefcase and hurried towards the elevator or the lift as you may prefer to call it.
His office was on the fourth floor and naturally he was headed for the ground floor. He pressed the down button outside and the elevator came up promptly with the indicator showing down. His mind still going through the bits and pieces of the day yet he could not help but feel happy at the elevator’s perfect timing.
He pressed the number four button in the panel and then the door-close button. The number four button flickered red briefly and blanked out, but the doors closed immediately. The lift did not budge and the doors opened up a moment later. Dumfounded, he repeated the act with the same result.
A man came in and asked if it was going up, the professor replied authoritatively that it was in fact going down. The man looked desperate to go up just one floor and finding all floor buttons untouched he pressed fifth floor button. Annoying the professor a great deal the lift this time went up obediently. The man left quietly as his floor came.
The absent minded professor pressed the number four button, then the close-door button, and this time the elevator started going down. But it stopped again at the fourth floor. He thought somebody must have been waiting there. Finding nobody he promptly pressed the fourth floor button, then the close-door button. The button flickered red briefly and went blank, the doors closed. But the elevator did not budge and the doors opened up again.
Exasperated and his patience running thin now, he pressed the fourth floor button again with the same chain reactions. He finally decided he would do it one last time and if the same thing happened he would call it day. He was also getting worried a little, because he thought the lift might not be working properly and he might get trapped midway.
He pressed the fourth floor button again and then the close-door button. The fourth floor button flickered red briefly and went blank, but the doors closed promptly. The lift still did not budge. He cursed the unpredictable elevator loudly and ran down the four flights of stairs to the ground floor safely.
                               (BTW, this is a firsthand report of a true experience. LOL, you are permitted anyway!)


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