Politics Of Corruption: Suspense, Twists, Drama, Surprises…More!

Corruption is not new to India. Our country has been a front runner in this field of socio-political malady in the global perspective. It was, it still is and will remain so in the near future. Our country has been the biggest Exchange for favors, nepotism and quid pro quo deals. The more the clout and influences one amasses the more capable is one  in granting big favors and extracting bigger favors. This has been the way of life rather than being a crucial part of corruption. No, this is not being negative or cynic, this is being realistic.

But the commonest forms of corruption like having to give bribes for every possible existential act on this earth and looting of public money did torment a major chunk of the population. Therefore when Anna Hazare started a campaign against corruption and demanded a stringent anti-corruption Lokpal or Ombudsman Bill they welcomed it heartily. Then, as we have seen in the pages of this site, politics started taking over the movement and Anna’s main lieutenants left the crusader in the lurch for the greener pastures of politics.

Anna Hazare's chief lieutenant, once publicly secure in politics, began his shows of suspense and drama on a daily basis. In prime media focus of the national capital he began to expose people in power and high connectivity submitting ‘proofs’ lavishly. But in India no proof is enough proof as the most rabid criminals committing crimes in full public view can still go on fighting legal battles for years and years. The ensuing process of countering ‘proofs’ with ‘proofs’ and 'charges' with 'charges' adds the drama and unravels twists and surprises making his shows and the sequels entertaining for all and all time favorites for the media. But like the affected political parties by his exposes the chief lieutenant’s interest is also politics. If finally he is able to provide a political alternative it’s okay for the moment, but if he fails in that the voters of this country are bound to be caught in the dilemma of the century throwing the gates open for anarchy.

The chief lieutenant would need relative honesty and loyalty desperately if he wants to succeed in his mission of capturing power and changing the system. But honesty is fast becoming a thing long forgotten and loyalty is the hardest one to be found in India. You must have seen in umpteen movies how even in crimes people are not loyal. When the partners in crime finally succeed making the heist they indulge in killing-each-other spree so that only one could enjoy the booty. In real life too you must have found how some people are not honest even in corruption, meaning they will not do your job even after devouring your bribes.

What is the point in going on exposing the species that is in absolutely no danger of extinction? And even if someone gets really nailed by the ‘proofs’ it will only increase the ever expanding burden on the Indian courts with no ‘nailing’ verdicts expected in years to come. For a change why not try highlight examples of honesty, of course if you manage to find one. But politics has its own logic and tactics. If an eminent elected representative says that the amount of money involved is too small to justify a certain alleged corrupt act other politicians do listen and try going for acts involving larger amounts so as to avoid possible inferiority complex, if we can say so!

Come tomorrow, the chief lieutenant is set to expose a much bigger one! The suspense drama is set to continue. Where do we go from here? Well, why bother, better enjoy the show!


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