The Kejriwal Show: Media Hype Incredible And Unprecedented!

Ex Team Anna member, India Against Corruption (IAC) activist and politician Arvind Kejriwal unfolded his second biggest expose drama dot at 5 pm today in New Delhi as promised. He made a departure from the usual ‘Congress for Corruption’ theme as promised and attacked Nitin Gadkari, President of the main national opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as promised, and as speculated for the last two days by the media.

The media craze for the eagerly awaited show and the accompanying hype had to be seen to be believed. Not only that the show was taken live across the news channels, but the live telecast started hours before the show with fleets of reporters in different places and plethora of experts sitting inside the studios. One prime national news  channel had a literal countdown to the show—1 hour to go before Kejriwal exposes Gadkari or whoever…30 minutes to go…15 minutes to go…2 minutes to go…Bang! Bang! Bang! Even the Anna Hazare movement at its peak could not match this hype.

And why not? Something unique is happening to Indian politics. Obvious and well known or suspected irregularities, murky but expected goings-on in the democratic underbelly and much speculated and reported corruption statistics of the largest democracy of the world are being burst in the open like firecrackers by the unique avatar  of an ‘aam admi’ (common man) politician. The craze is only natural considering in particular the hugely enjoyable aftereffects from the established politicians.

More documents…more charges…more articulation! And in reply more denials…more counter-charges more vehemence. The aam admi avatar declares the facts or allegations before his aam countrymen. The accused calls it ‘laughable charges’ or ‘stunts for garnering publicity for the new political party’! Other political parties join in by ‘Gadkari must resign’ or ‘I told you so much before’! One party calls IAC as the B wing of the Opposition and some other calls it as the conspiracy wing of the government.  And Kejriwal raises the question ‘Is the national opposition party the actual opposition or a business partner of the governments’! Has anyone heard such mind-boggling utterances made in the open before or ever?

The real climax to this high voltage reality show would be the coming into power of the aam admi political party. A climax that nobody at the moment would be humanly able to perceive or visualize. The lure of this ultimate mystery is bound to captivate anyone, why only the media! Brickbats set to accelerate! 


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