Black Money In Swiss Bank Accounts: The Fourth Kejriwal Expose Installment!

New Delhi, November 09, 2012, 1.30 PM. Time for anti-corruption campaigner cum politician Arvind Kejriwal to release the fourth expose installment. And dot on time the India Against Corruption (IAC) functionary  added one more to the land of allegations…call it India. This time it was against black money allegedly stashed in alleged Swiss bank accounts owned allegedly by over 700 Indians with the Government allegedly helped by HSBC, industrialists and ministers allegedly not allowing it come into the country.

The issue of black money has been doing rounds in this country since time immemorial. Various political parties when not in power raised this issue in various times asking questions while the political parties in power did the answering. The anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare started the movement on the general issue and Yoga guru Baba Ramdev was quick to join in attacking the specific issue of black money. But it always needs Arvind Kejriwal to bring it out in the open for the hungry media and for the affected parties to deny or the unaffected to demand probes.

Kejriwal is clever enough to keep the suspense on by equally distributing his expose installments between various politicians of various affiliations with their presumed partners so that nobody knows who he is going to expose next. And, each time, he leaves it at the allegations level only never trying hard enough for providing real proof so that each installment drama continues till the next.

As usual, the BJP, cornered in the last installment and still sweating from it, has already rejoiced since the affected party was the government along with its paraphernalia this time. The main national opposition party slammed the government demanding serious probes into the Kejriwal allegations. As usual, the affected parties have started crying denials counter alleging that all these are false allegations. The 4th installment drama is set to last for a long time since Kejriwal made very serious allegations about the country’s economic sovereignty being threatened by the black money cover-up corroborated by his six major demands including disbanding operations of the international bank, HSBC, in India.

We are all acquainted with the EMI syndrome in our loan liabilities. Now we can rightfully create another syndrome called the EKI meaning Equated Kejriwal Installment. I think we are justified in using ‘equated’, because as we have already explained that Kejriwal has been equating and evenly distributing his installments among the corrupt parties…sorry allegedly corrupt parties.


The nationwide wait begins now for the 5th EKI. Who is the next beneficiary…sorry the victim? Right, allegedly! The land of allegations needs some more! 


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