India: Politics In The Land Of Allegations!

The fight against corruption in India has made one big difference. All the decades since Independence corruption was taken for granted in a system that was a fixed given. Now with the saga of allegations the skeletons have started coming out of the cupboard.  Earlier, allegations were few and mostly restricted as a customary time-specific exchange between political parties. 

 Everybody is in the ‘alleging’ game nowadays. The principal forces include the anti-corruption leaders and activists; anti-corrupt activists turned politicians; retired or voluntarily retired top functionaries; lots of upstarts modeled by the process of fighting corruption and of course, the seasoned politicians and political parties. All allegations elicit instant denials and counter allegations though every allegation is supposed to be based on ‘proof’. Nothing gets proved, allegations continue.

There are some interesting results out of the ‘allegation’ game in which lesser mortals like this writer can rightfully indulge in considering utter futility ‘fighting’ corruption. Allegator (not commonly found in dictionaries) means the one who alleges or makes allegations. Just change the ‘e’ to ‘i’ and it becomes the ‘Alligator’—the crocodilian reptile.

So what? Well, nothing much. Except for two interesting points. The first being the Crocodile Tears Syndrome. All ‘alligators’ are shedding loads of the mystic tears knowing fully well that the tears would finally not well up emotions at all and would be forgotten dry till more ‘alligators’ join the tearful journey.

Second point, the ‘alligators’ shed tears, if at all, only to attract victims and pounce on them eventually. But in this land so stuffed with the ‘alligators and allegations’ who and how would anyone succeed finding the prey. Pray! 


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