Mumbai Test: Masters Beaten In Their Own Game As England Crush India!

Next Prescription?
As agonizingly feared all over the nation England spin washed the masters India in the latter’s own courtyard Wankhede in Mumbai today winning the second cricket Test by 10 wickets with more than one and half days to spare. If yesterday Kevin Pietersen built on the lead in a one-day style the England openers today notched up the ridiculous target of 57 runs in T20 style. KP was rightfully selected the Player of the Match. 

England’s two spinners Panesar and Swann shared 19 wickets between them while India’s three spinners managed to get only 9 wickets in a losing proposal. In India’s  agonizing second innings effort Gambhir top scored with 65 followed by a second highest of 11 by Ashwin.

Indian skipper MS Dhoni’s demand for sharp turning pitches has boomeranged on him in the most telling manner making the remaining two Test matches acutely interesting in what the beleaguered captain might prescribe for next. He might very well have severe reprimands reserved for the Wankhede curator like ‘What kind of pitch have you provided despite my most sincerely patriotic demands? It has helped only the England spinners and made ours laughing stock! I’ll go to the top against you, just keep it in mind’! Would he now remain content with the traditional turners or demand much more for the next two crucial matches?

With the 4-match India-England Test Series up for grabs now the third Test starts at the majestic Eden Gardens of Kolkata from December 5, 2012. England would press for the kill with the new-found confidence in spin while India would introspect hard trying to regroup their ‘class’ batsmen and bowlers around. Significantly the last Test is scheduled in Nagpur where the track is known for its green edges and bounce and had earlier tormented several Indian captains. Therefore, at 1-1 level the series is looking most intriguingly exciting at the moment. The Scorecard:

Why not share a joke about cricket to cheer up all the depressed Indian fans. Our respected and the irrepressible Yazdi Enginner Saheb has forwarded it today with perfect timing!  Here it goes:  

A little known CRICKET fact....The first testicular guard was used in cricket in 1874…and the first helmet was used in 1974…It took 100 years for men to realize that their brains are also important!


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