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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ricky Ponting Vs Sachin Tendulkar: A Historical Moment!

Ricky Ponting has been having a string of failures recently, particularly in the first two cricket Tests against South Africa at home. Sachin Tendulkar has been having a string of failures recently, particularly in the first two cricket Tests against England at home. Ponting is the highest run getter for Australia, Tendulkar is the world record holding living legend for India. Both are in late thirties, Tendulkar older by about two years, and the possible retirement of both has been speculated intensely. A historical moment in world cricket?

One has already made history today while the other is in a slightly different situation. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting announced his retirement from international cricket in a hastily called press conference today. He calls it a day after playing the third Test against South Africa starting tomorrow in Perth. He cited as reason his recent performance not being good enough, however he said he would continue playing for Tasmania in domestic cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar is set to play the third Test against England starting in Kolkata from December 5 as the BCCI pins hope on the master blaster coming good definitely. The Champion will bounce back as in his good old days for sure, the Indian cricket Board asserts. For all purpose for him too the third Test is going to be now or never.

In terms of Test centuries made Ponting is behind only Tendulkar. Ponting has had a glorious cricket career of 17 years while Tendulkar has just completed 23 years of incredible cricket.

As history is being made cricket lovers must gear up to watch and relish vintage cricket of these two great players. Ponting--for the last time in international cricket, and Tendulkar--till history is made either way. As a true lover of the game one cannot help but have a feeling of heaviness at this historical moment.


Shayari said...

Very sad indeed. Such a great batsman asking the selectors to take a decision for him. If Sandeep Patil is dispassionate, he has to outright sack him, which will not be the case. Anyway, they will allow him to play for the entire series and Sachin will say, see, it is not my fault. Why doesn't he understand that it is hurting his image very badly?

SMS said...

Cricket is an intense physically stressful game and howsoever great one cannot continue playing for ever. It is not Politics where seniority keeps gets adding to one's delivery. I am also a fan of Sachin but am feeling let down by the way he announced the most talked about thing i.e., retirement. had I been in place I would have made the announcement in a public gathering of select gathering and what can be better than a stadium where he first got the fan following. Shooting a plain letter to BCCI is like a resignation from job that one held for long and not something that can be dissociation from a passion that one lived (himself) and others used to look at him with. I am forced to believe that he was not selected for Pak team one dayers and he left the letter to BCCI and went on holidays to avoid media and fans.

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