Death For Rapists: Protests Gather Momentum All Around!

We had expressed disappointment here yesterday as election results and cricket seemed to have diverted the attention from the burning issue of our society—the subhuman fiendish progression. The ‘human’ beings of India have  come back today attacking the evil in all fury. Protests and demonstrations broke out almost everywhere—from Jammu and Kashmir in the north to Assam in the east. Busy as ever Mumbai too expressed its anger yesterday in spite of elections and cricket.

In Delhi, the venue of the heinous crime, demonstrations were held in various places as thousands of people took to the streets.  In Raisina Hill (the campus where the President of India lives), in front of the house of the Congress President, in Safdarjung Hospital where the gangrape victim is still battling for life in the ICU, in the India Gate surroundings and so on. Protests ranged from angry outbursts and sloganeering to candle light processions. 

Tomorrow the second and last T20 International cricket match between India and England is scheduled at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, but the city is not getting carried away by the lure of instant cricket fun. Mumbai is set to witness several demonstrations tomorrow from the symbolic fury to candle light protests. Common people and celebrities of the city have joined together demanding  fast tracked punishment to the rapists and prevention of crimes against women. There had been strong echoes on the floor of both the houses of the Maharashtra Assembly during the winter session in Nagpur that concluded today. Increasing crimes against women in recent times have threatened to dent Mumbai’s reputation as the safest city for women in India. Mumbai must remain so always at all costs. Other places of the country including Delhi in particular must earn this reputation too at all costs. It is now or never. We must keep up the momentum. Put in all your might to finish off those cowardly brutes and perverts.


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