Delhi Gangrape: Spontaneous Protests All Over India!

The ‘human’ beings of India have woken up to the brutal reality of the society they live in and erupted into angry and anguished protests and demonstrations held all over the country over the brutal gangrape of a 23 year old girl on a moving public bus in New Delhi Sunday night . As the victim continued to be critical the Rape capital of India saw huge outbursts of people—mostly the young generation including women in large numbers—in several localities of the city demanding answers from the government and local authorities in the basic issues of security to women, quick justice and prevention of crimes.  The incensed people in hundreds and thousands held demonstrations before the residence of the Delhi Chief Minister, Delhi police headquarters and in other high security VVIP areas. Police had to resort to water canons to disperse the protestors. As per latest reports protests are still going on across the country.

One contrast came up instantly. The kind of security provided to VIPs and VVIPs became very clear as their forces tried to keep them secure from the common people. There has always been a shortage of police and security personnel across India and a huge chunk of the forces available are used up for VIP security. So, how much security is actually available for the mothers, daughters, sisters and wives of the common people? One news channel raised a pertinent question as to would all the big political leaders who shook up Parliament yesterday debating death penalty to the rapists care to release a percentage of their private security forces for the common people? That would make more policemen available per thousand of common people.

All across disturbed ‘human’ beings demanded death for all rapists and eve teasers. As far as the debate on ‘capital punishment’ is concerned there is instant agreement but for one crucial difference. The punishment must be fast tracked and instant if possible, and should not be left to rot for years and years in the due process of the courts, appeals and mercy petitions. And that no single rapist or eve teaser must escape from the law and roam free.

The big question is whether of this mass upsurge against criminals will be able to keep the momentum going for a long time to force the governments bring in stringent laws, creation of a secure environment for women and prevention of increasing crimes against women. We witnessed similar a mass outrage against corruption last year under Anna Hazare, but slowly it petered out as politics grew within. Hopefully, the momentum this time would keep going because this malady of the subhuman entities invading our society runs deeper and affects or threaten to affect the families and kin of both the corrupt and non-corrupt classes. 

Keep to the basics this time. Do not entertain sex discrimination issues, do not allow gender bias to come in and do not indulge in diabolical egoism. Untie on mutual love and trust, and stay united, to defeat the demons and the fiends trying to eat up our society. The subhuman fiendish progression must be stopped at all costs. Before it is too late!