India Against Women: The Subhuman Fiendish Progression!

 The deadly creatures prowl in hordes, always. In the street corners, in hotel or pub fronts, in the residential society entrances, in shops or restaurants outside school or college campuses, in movie theater junctions—to waylay and attack their victims. The deadlier creatures prowl in moving bikes, auto-rickshaws, cars, cabs, and even in public buses. Anytime, anywhere, everywhere. But their most favorite hours are always dark.

If we call our country India Against Women then New Delhi is fittingly the Rape capital. The marauders of humanity are much more sinister than the corrupt. The corrupt can only rob you of your money or belongings or properties, but these creatures loot your honour, loot your body and loot your soul. Like the political bigots, like the devilishly ambitious bosses, like the blood sucking parasites—all feeding constantly on the capital’s evergreen pastures, the creatures here too are more powerful, mostly protected and subhuman. They are capable of even making their feudal counterparts look aghast at what they themselves could not dream of accomplishing in their glorious medieval past.

India is also a country malevolently and malignantly male…male… and male. Rules here have always been made for the males. Women are lawfully or unlawfully at their perfect mercy within the four walls, outside and anywhere. Education has made the males richer and wiser, but their ‘male’ness remains like a historical or traditional truth. They take pride in their oppression, domination and torture of their females. The diabolically extreme ones among them become the subhuman fiends, and this class is growing ominously and growing out of control.
The fiendish creatures even took over a public bus the other in the Rape capital and began prowling the city stopping frequently for passengers or victims. One 23 year old paramedic girl student watching a movie with her boyfriend came out together of the theater just after 9 pm and waited at the bus stop. They boarded the fiendish bus unsuspectingly and what happened in the hour-long ride through the city is even beyond the imaginable levels of cruelty, depravity and brutality. The girl and the boy were thrown out after the subhuman fiends finished their job.

A national outrage was created just like in the case of Keenan and Reuben who got killed in Mumbai by a pack of hyenas for protesting eve teasing, just like in the case of the recent 19 year old Mumbai boy, the sole bread earner of his family, who was stabbed to death just outside the gate of his residential society by teenaged monsters for protesting against their lewd comments thrown at his neighborhood girl. The political class, some of whom never let go their male ego making irresponsible jabs at women, created in a din in Parliament today. The opposition leader demanded capital punishment for rapists. For the moment the leaders seemed to have forgotten their differences and politicking for perhaps righteously felt indignation. But what next?

The problem is those with some humanity still left in them are mortally scared of the subhuman fiends and prefer always to look on, because the lone brave one always gets wounded or killed. The real need of the hour is to get united—males and females together—and confront the demons. These creatures are basically cowards, because they prowl in hordes and attack the weaker victims. The ‘human’ beings must understand this and act accordingly. 

 What is needed to be delivered is instant justice. Stay united and make preparations in unison with the local authorities. And, hit the fiends where it pains the most and maim the demons permanently. The women of India must awaken, get ready and fight for their honour.