India Vs England: Zaheer, Yuvraj, Bhajji Dropped, And Dhoni Stays!

India cricket captain MS Dhoni gave out the right signals right after the Kolkata Test defeat that there was no question of quitting his captaincy. Right, why would he? Do the corrupt politicians do so? Do the rotten chiefs of Indian sports bodies do so? Who bothers about national pride and dignity? If supreme bodies like the Indian Olympic Association or the Boxers’ get suspended by the international controlling authorities, let it be so, why would anyone give up personal profit for that! The national selectors of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) showed similar inclination as how they could possibly control the Frankenstein it itself created and nourished. 

Therefore, as per Dhoni’s signals three perfect scapegoats have been identified for the sacrificial altar  by the BCCI Selectors in Kolkata today for the fourth Test match between India and England staring in Nagpur from 13th December, 2012. The first one is Yuvraj Singh who fought cancer to get back to cricket. About his fitness captain Dhoni has always been suspecting and protesting, and so he had to be sacrificed. The second one is Harbhajan Singh who hardly played in this Test Series, and when he did in fact play in the Mumbai Test he was hardly used by the captain the bounce in the pitch notwithstanding. The third one is veteran pacer Zaheer Khan. Well, one senior had to be sacrificed to please the offended cricket fans and experts of India. Anybody with experience would do that. One youngster pacer (Parvinder Awana) was brought in, again for that purpose only.

So, what about Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag and the captain himself? As we have already indicated players like him call the shots rather playing them well in the field. Read on! Whom Dhoni has brought in for the remaining two slots? Ravindra Jadeja, the great Indian all-rounder on paper, for whom Dhoni allegedly arranged the maximum ever price to buy him for Chennai Super Kings in IPL-5 captained by Dhoni himself. And who else for the spinner’s slot than Piyush Chawla? These two have been Dhoni’s all time favorites all the time.

Therefore, the King remains King whatever happens and the powers that be rally around him only, this has been the Indian story, ever. Sad, atrocious, supreme arrogance, highhandedness, power of vested interests, power of money…you decide how you want to get vocal about all this. By the way, Team India for the T20 matches against England has also been announced. The skipper figures, naturally, there too along with his trusted comrades. Right?

As per latest reports the BCCI had warned one and every player of Team India for poor performance. Whoa! At least something is better than nothing! But who will bell the cat…sorry…has Dhoni been warned too?