India Win The FDI Test, Kolkata Test In English Grip!

India have won the multi-brand Retail FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Test fought vehemently in the most happening playground of the Indian Parliament since the beginning of the winter session on November 22, 2012. With Rajya Sabha, the upper house, defeating the opposition motion by 14 votes in the second innings today the Government of India has finally cleared the way for 51% FDI in the $500 Billion Indian multi-brand retail market and the much required further economic reforms. Lok Sabha, the lower house, had already defeated the voting motion convincingly in the first innings played on December 5, 2012. Though it was an executive decision of the Government the opposition wanted a debate with voting in Parliament. How the final victory came about…well…ours not to reason why, ours but to wait and watch!

In this unique Test Team India always knew what was right for the country. Team Opposition could hardly differentiate ‘right’ from ‘left’ or from ‘centre’ and yet succeeded in making an alliance of ‘right’ and ‘left’ in a classic resistance to change or reforms. Neither here nor there entity called Mamata—the first ingredient of the deadly M3—put all her might to push the bus against reforms and change. But the other two ingredients of M3—Mulayam and Mayawati—became the match winners in both the innings. Because, they knew exactly what is right or left or centre, and fortunately they knew more politics and less economics. How the ruling coalition UPA managed the playground rules…well again…our job is to wait for the benefits of FDI for the struggling Indian economy. The Scorecard:

As the frustrated opposition leaders still cry for the ‘common’ man forced to become salesmen or salesgirls the farmers’ organization of Maharashtra today celebrated the success of the Government. The UPA missed one vote though, that of their MP in Rajya Sabha Sachin Tendulkar due to his work in the cricket playground in Kolkata, and this brings us to the other Test. 

Alistair Cook On A Song!
In the third cricket Test between India and England played in Kolkata from December 5, 2012 Team India has again demonstrated its inability to differentiate right from the wrong, very much like the opposition political parties and allowed its ‘foreign’ opposition to go on crushing them for the second consecutive time at home. Skipper MS Dhoni’s pitch battle finally did not get him a rank turner at Eden Gardens, but in a placid and slow pitch where the ball hardly did anything his class batsmen fell in heaps again to reach a precarious total of 316 runs.

England pacers and spinners both excelled in the lifeless pitch and their batsmen played magnificently looking determined to conquer the last frontier this time. English captain Alistair Cook seems to be on a song picking up his third successive Test hundred against India and missing the second double hundred of the Series thanks to a freak run out for 190. He also beat Sachin Tendulkar’s world record by becoming the youngest player ever to cross 7000 Test runs; became the first English cricketer to score four successive centuries in four Tests and the highest number of centuries (23) for England. Like their batting pals Indian bowlers failed to extract anything out of the pitch. The Scorecard:

At 509 for 6 at stumps on the third day today England enjoys a lead of 193 runs so far.  Assuming the ‘pitch’ mentality of the Indian cricketers as a given Team India is looking at another humiliating defeat in Kolkata. England set to go up 2-1 in the four-Test Series.